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Research Publications

GambleAware has a key role to play in supporting and mobilising other partners in the research eco-system to undertake research, and to grow research capability across the field. GambleAware publishes its research to ensure it can be accessed easily and for free by anyone with an interest in the developing evidence base.

Findings from our commissioned research projects can be filtered by theme using the drop down menu below

Background to World Cup prevention campaign
GambleAware (Dan Riley; Research lead for advertising and brand, Lauren Hunter, Senior Research Officer)

This short paper sets out the extensive research programme and evidence base which has informed the development of the GambleAware World Cup prevention campaign.

How to create safer online gambling - Bournemouth University 2022
Bournemouth University

This research, led by Bournemouth University and commissioned by GambleAware, was undertaken to review how safer gambling messages are delivered and to what extent transparency is present when operators provide information to customers.

The paper notes that previous research within the gambling industry has highlighted the use of unfair or misleading promotional techniques, such as ‘free play’ promotions and unclear pay-out rates, as well as the lack of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.

Cover of "Building Knowledge of Women’s Lived Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harms across Great Britain: Phase 2"
Building Knowledge of Women’s Lived Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harms across Great Britain: Phase 2
IFF Research

GambleAware commissioned a consortium of IFF Research, the University of Bristol and GamCare’s Women’s Programme to build knowledge about why women in Britain take part in different types of gambling, the effect this has on them and their lives, and their experience of support and treatment services.

Phase 2 explored the views of women in Great Britain experiencing gambling and gambling harms using a combination of individual depth interviews and a five-day long online community, building on the literature and insights collected as part of Phase 1.

Cover of "National Gambling Treatment Service campaign – Evaluation"
National Gambling Treatment Service campaign – Evaluation
GambleAware (Dan Riley; Research lead for advertising and brand)

This short paper recaps the campaign background, rationale and execution for the National Gambling Treatment Service campaign launched by GambleAware on the 22nd March 2022. This paper will also introduce the campaign evaluation approach and some of the key findings from the evaluation.

Cover of "Stigma Scoping Review"
Stigma Scoping Review
Dr Anne Stangl, Triantafyllos Pliakas, and Mariana Siapka

Building Knowledge of Stigma Related to Gambling and Gambling
Harms in Great Britain: A scoping review of the literature

Cover of "Background to National Gambling Treatment Service Campaign"
Patterns of Play: Extended Executive Summary Report
University of Liverpool (David Forrest and Ian G. McHale) and NatCen (Sokratis Dinos, Robert Ashford, Helena Wilson, Mari ToomseSmith, Alexander Martin)

The Patterns of Play report was carried out by researchers from the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) and the University of Liverpool and commissioned by GambleAware to better understand online gambling behaviour in Great Britain.

Cover of "Annual GB Treatment and Support Survey 2021"
Annual GB Treatment and Support Survey 2021
YouGov on behalf of GambleAware

This report presents the findings of a study conducted in November 2021, which explored the usage of, and reported demand for, treatment and support services among gamblers and those affected by another’s gambling. This is an annual study, previously conducted in November 2020 and October 2019. The research was conducted by YouGov on behalf of GambleAware.