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Using the GambleAware logo

Using the GambleAware logo

GambleAware operates the website, which was relaunched in early 2021, following consultation with stakeholders. The website provides information to help people make informed decisions about their gambling. It helps people find out more about gambling and what responsible gambling means, to understand and recognise problem gambling, and shows them where to go for further information, help and support should you need it. Last year, the website had 4.2 million unique visitors. is designed to be more than just a short, memorable website name, but also as a call to action in its own right, reminding people to be gamble aware. Thus it can stand alone, without the need for additional language around it.

The requirement to use the logo for advertising

The Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) Ordinary Code Provision 5.1.6 states that ‘Licensees should also follow any relevant industry code of practice on advertising, notably the Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.’

That Industry Code requires that the website address should be carried legibly on all print and broadcast advertising where it is feasible, practical, and necessary to do so. Where practical operators should consider using the words ‘For more information and advice visit’ before referring to the website.  

The website address should also be included as a voiceover on radio ads, when sponsoring TV programmes, on landing pages for banner ads, on corporate websites and within account profiles on social media.

The 6th edition of the Industry Code included a requirement to include a prominent social responsibility message throughout television adverts:

Inclusion of in advertising

26. is a website which provides information about gambling and particularly issues related to problem gambling. That information is there to provide a single resource for those seeking advice and guidance. It also provides links to specialist support and treatment for those who need it.

27. The website address (ie should be carried on all print and broadcast advertising where it is feasible, practical, and necessary to do so. It should be presented in such a way that it is clearly legible.

28. The website address is not required to be included where the name of the operator, the operator’s brand or the name of the premises is used where the provision of facilities for gambling is not the sole or main activity undertaken under that name, or the manner or context in which such name is displayed is not designed to draw attention to the fact that facilities for gambling are provided.

29. Including the website address alone is sufficient to meet the basic requirement of this code, but where practical operators should consider using the words ‘For more information and advice visit’ before referring to the website.

30. The Second Edition of the Industry Code introduced additional requirements with regard to the prominence of in adverts and they must also apply to the use of They were:

• For television advertising that gambleaware must remain on the screen for at least 10% of the advert’s length; and

• For print advertising that it should be clearly legible in proportion to the advertising script.

• For digital advertising it should be a minimum of 100px across

Operators can meet this industry code requirement by displaying the logo prominently throughout TV adverts.

How do I obtain the GambleAware artwork?

Logos in a range of formats are available for our donors and non-profit organisations to download under licence. You can download the artwork in most popularly required formats here.

Do I require a licence to use the logo?

Use of the logo is subject to the terms of our standard licence.  We will generally only pursue infringement cases where the logo is used inappropriately - for example, to legitimise a fraudulent or misleading website or commercial operation.

The text “” and the associated logos are registered trademarks.

May I use the "When the Fun Stops Stop" campaign as well?

This campaign is not run by GambleAware. Please see the Betting & Gaming Council website for information.

Does the use of the GambleAware logo mean that GambleAware is endorsing a particular gambling product or brand?

The use of our logo does not mean that GambleAware endorses a particular gambling product, company or brand.

We encourage all gambling-related communications to include our website because it is our priority to ensure that people who need information, advice and support are able to find it as easily as possible.

In some cases, it is a condition of a gambling licence, or a requirement of an industry code of practice, to include the logo or website address. 

We recognise that this can wrongly imply we endorse, approve or supervise the organisations concerned, but on balance, it is better to maximise the visibility of 

If you are concerned that an organisation displaying the logo is unsuitable, you should usually contact the Gambling Commission as the regulator, in the first place, as the Commission is better placed to address the underlying concern.

This page was last updated in December 2020.