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Research library

Research library

GambleAware’s research function helps develop knowledge that builds the evidence about ‘what works for whom’, which underpins the commissioning of prevention, treatment and support services to help keep people safe from gambling harms. View research and evaluation projects and publications here.

GambleAware's approach to research and evaluation

GambleAware’s research function is the means by which we develop knowledge that:

  • Builds the ‘what works for whom’ evidence for education and prevention approaches and tools, and for treatment service design and commissioning
  • Informs advocacy and influences policy-making at national and local level
  • Informs public awareness.

It also plays a role in supporting and mobilising other partners in the research eco-system to undertake research and to grow the research and evaluation capability in the gambling field.

GambleAware's Research and Evaluation Overview can be accessed here.

GambleAware is committed to ensuring that work focussing on communities of people with lived experience of harms associated with gambling is comprehensive and ethical. This includes ensuring that those communities are directly included, consulted with, and engaged. These communities may be excluded from participating, however, due to their material circumstances. Such exclusion can be avoided by remunerating community members suitably, and as with all subject matter experts and consultants, these communities should be reimbursed and remunerated for their time. For further info, our policy can be read and downloaded here.

For more information about research and evaluation commissioning see here.

GambleAware has produced a series of resources to support the researchers we fund, which can be read and downloaded here.