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Stigma Programme Best Practice Scoping Review

This scoping review aimed to provide an overview of best practice methods when tackling stigma in gambling and adjacent sectors. The review summarised and synthesised evidence from 44 individual papers which covered best practice for designing, setting up, delivering and evaluating anti-stigma campaigns and wider programmes in sectors including gambling, mental health, HIV and dementia.
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Annual GB Treatment and Support Survey 2022

The Annual GB treatment and support survey is commissioned each year in order for GambleAware to have an up to date understanding of usage and relative demand for treatment and support for gambling harms across GB.

Just over 18,000 adults were surveyed in November 2022. In this most recent survey in addition to questions around treatment and support and some of the barriers and facilitators to accessing help, we also asked questions on the age participants were first exposed to gambling, the impact the cost of living crisis is having on propensity to gamble and relapse among those who have previously stopped gambling.
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World Cup Bet Regret campaign evaluation

GambleAware (Dan Riley; Research lead for advertising and brand)
This short paper summarises the execution and evaluation of the World Cup Bet Regret campaign launched by GambleAware on the 14 November 2022.
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Building Knowledge of Women’s Lived Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harms Across Great Britain

IFF, University of Bristol and GamCare
We wanted to better understand women’s lived experiences of gambling, so we commissioned a consortium of IFF Research, the University of Bristol and GamCare’s Women’s Programme to explore this in detail. The aim of the research is to build knowledge about why women in Britain take part in different types of gambling, how women are affected by another person’s gambling, the effect this has on them and their lives, and their experience of support and treatment services.
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Applying Public Health Learnings to Safer Gambling Communications

Ipsos UK
Ipsos UK were commissioned by GambleAware to undertake a review of evidence to inform what works in safer gambling communications. The aim of this review was to conduct a synthesis of the available evidence to inform the general principles of best practice within existing public health communications and apply them to the area of safer gambling and gambling harm prevention.
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