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Recognise a gambling problem

What is 'problem gambling'?

Problem gambling is behaviour related to gambling which causes harm to the gambler and those around them. This may include family, friends and others who know them or care for them, such as those they work with.

If someone is struggling to control their gambling behaviour it can cause stress, depression, anxiety, or they may fall behind at work and worry about money. If someone’s gambling is causing any of these effects, it is considered problem gambling.

For some people, the impact of problem gambling may be severe and can lead to social and emotional difficulties, such as the breakdown of relationships, struggling to maintain employment, or unmanageable debt. Gambling Disorder is recognised by doctors, psychologists and counsellors as a mental health problem, and there are treatments available which can help. Find out more about the free, confidential services available across the country here.

In this section, we've listed some signs that may indicate problem gambling, and there is a quiz which will also give you a better idea if you may be at risk of developing a gambling problem.  But even if neither of these suggests you have a problem, if you are concerned, then just give us a call to talk about it - it's free and completely confidential.

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