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Gambling-related suicide research

GambleAware funds research on gambling-related suicide.

London, 21 January 2019: GambleAware is pleased to announce that it has provided two grants of around £20,000 each for preliminary research on gambling-related suicide, to Dr Heather Wardle with NatCen and the University of Swansea with the charity Gambling with Lives. The two teams will collaborate on analysis of existing data sets, to provide initial insights into the prevalence of this form of gambling-related harm. They will also talk to researchers, policy-makers and people with lived experience to identify the most fruitful avenues for a second phase, which may require new primary research and data collection. GambleAware Director of Research and Evaluation, Clare Wyllie said: “Gambling-related harms take many forms, with negative impacts possible on peoples’ resources, relationships and health. Suicide is one of the most serious of the possible harms associated with gambling. Suicide has devastating consequences for individuals, families and communities. This is an important first step in developing research to understand and inform action to prevent gambling-related suicide.”

Read the announcement here.