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Support during Covid-19

To help make people aware of the potential impact of gambling on health and wellbeing at this time, we have published a short document with information and resources which can help ensure people are kept safe from gambling harms.

Everyone should be aware of the risks related to gambling at this challenging time.

Many people will be feeling more anxious and stressed at the moment, and some will find themselves facing financial uncertainty or difficulties. Those experiencing financial stress may use gambling as a way to cope or fill time. Many people could find themselves less occupied during isolation, possibly leading to an increase in gambling activity. Isolation may also mean that people experience less social support. There are likely to be fewer opportunities for friends, family or professionals to identify and signpost those experiencing gambling harms to sources of help and advice. We encourage everyone to be aware of the potential impact of gambling on their own health and wellbeing, and on that of family, friends, or those they may meet in a professional capacity at this time.

Download the Covid-19 Advice 

You can download information and advice around gambling tools and support during Covid-19 here. It includes:

  • Information for individuals on how to stay in control, and where to access advice and support for themselves or on behalf of someone else;
  • Resources for parents, carers and teachers to help them understand, recognise and address gambling and risk;
  • Guidance for organisations on how they can help by sharing information on the advice and support available with their employees;
  • Resources to support professionals to identify and reduce gambling harms;
  • General advice for maintaining wellbeing during this time.