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Make it a habit to tap out of
your betting app before you place
a bet, to give you some time
to think it through and help you
avoid Bet Regret.

Bet Regret is that sinking feeling you get the minute you make an impulsive bet, often when drunk, bored or chasing losses.

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We’ve asked a group of people to tap out every time before placing a bet for two weeks. Here’s what they said:

“Sometimes you put the app off, go and do something else and you actually forget to put it on.”

36, London, Football bettor

“I felt more in control. In the past I have just placed bets without even considering the consequences.”

37, South Derbyshire, Football bettor

“Liverpool were winning 2-0. I was going to bet £50 on Liverpool to score the 3rd goal. Shut the app for a few moments for time to think straight.”

43, Glasgow, Football and horse racing bettor

“I come off the app for maybe 5-10 minutes, finish cooking a snack or something, just take my mind off the sport and then I go back in the app and think maybe this bet isn’t so sound… I don’t have that instant regret.”

22, Pembrokeshire, Football bettor

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For more information on the background of the Bet Regret campaign, please visit our Corporate website.