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Bet Regret

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Avoid Bet Regret

Bet Regret is the sinking feeling you get when you place a bet you wish you hadn't.

To help you avoid Bet Regret, take a look at our free advice on safer gambling.

Because gambling harms can affect anyone.

Advice for safer gambling

Set a money limit

Before betting, decide how much you can afford to lose. Setting a limit on the gambling company’s website can help.


Walk away from losses

Like your team, ‘you win some, you lose some’. If you’ve lost the money limit you’d set yourself, it’s time to walk away.


Be aware of how you're feeling

Taking note of how you're feeling before betting can help you avoid Bet Regret.


Set a time limit

It's easy to lose track of time when you're gambling. Set an alarm, and when time's up, focus on other things.


Signs to look out for

"I'm regretting the time and money I've spent on gambling"

Get help with budgeting and spending control


"Gambling is always on my mind"

Take our quiz to understand if gambling is having an impact on you.


"I've been keeping my gambling a secret"

No matter how you're feeling, support is available to you.


"No one ever talks about losses. So, it's really hard to even know if someone's got a problem or not, because if you haven’t won for a while – you just won’t say anything...Hearing other people’s stories that are similar to mine kind of makes you think ‘Wait a minute’… you realise you’re not a million miles away from it."

Watch Ben's story

"I try and set myself limits to keep it under control. You can sit there and say you’re in control – but sometimes you’re not. Having a spend calculator is really helpful….it visually shows how much you’re spending. You can’t ignore it."

Watch Mina's story
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