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GambleAware publishes list of Q3 donations and pledges

GambleAware publishes list of Q3 donations and pledges

GambleAware has published the full list of donations and pledges it received during April - December 2021.

London, 08 February 2022: GambleAware has today published the full list of donations and pledges it received during the first three quarters of the financial year 2021-22.

Between 1 April 2021 and 31 December 2021, the charity received a total of £16 million. This monies was given in the form of voluntary donations from the gambling industry and excludes regulatory settlements and additional donations, as none have been received this financial year.

The £16 million received includes increased contribution levels from the leading operators who committed to raise the percentage of GGY they donate from 0.1% in increments to 1% by 2023.

Currently, under guidance by the Gambling Commission to deliver the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, GambleAware asks all those who profit from gambling in Britain to make a minimum annual donation of 0.1% of their Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) direct to the charity.

GambleAware continues to call for a mandatory levy to address gambling harms and ensure transparency and consistency across the industry. Having such a system in place would provide the sustainable funding which is vital for the delivery of research, treatment and prevention.

All funds donated to GambleAware go towards activity which is delivered against the charity’s four commissioning objectives, and is supportive of a collaborative, whole-system approach to the prevention of gambling harms.

GambleAware’s vision is for a society safe from gambling harms. To achieve this, the charity is currently delivery more than 40 workstreams of work against each commissioning objective. This activity includes services and programmes of work, including the National Gambling Treatment Service, Annual Treatment and Support Survey and Gambling Education Hubs.

GambleAware has a robust, independent and accountable system of governance process and procedures in place. The charity is also guided by a Board of trustees which is entirely independent of the gambling industry and the majority of whom work in public health, including the NHS. These assurances are in place to ensure the gambling industry has absolutely no influence over any of GambleAware’s commissioning activity.

The full list of organisations and the amount donated is available to view in full here.


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About GambleAware

  • GambleAware is the leading charity (Charity No. England & Wales 1093910, Scotland SC049433) driving the transformation of treatment and prevention services, leading public health campaigns and keeping people safe from gambling harms.  
  • Up to 6.5 million people in Great Britain are at risk of harm from gambling. Gambling can harm people and their families financially, psychologically and physically. GambleAware works in close collaboration with leading organisations and experts including the NHS, government, local authorities and gambling treatment providers, to ensure that people get the information, support and treatment they need.
  • Every year GambleAware funds access to free treatment for over 10,000 people and over 40,000 calls to the National Gambling Helpline. Since 2018, the charity has supported an estimated 137,000 people in accessing the help they need.
  • In partnership with gambling treatment providers, GambleAware has spent several years methodically building structures for commissioning a coherent system of brief intervention and treatment services, with clearly defined care pathways and established referral routes to and from the NHS – a National Gambling Treatment Service.
  • The National Gambling Treatment Service brings together a National Gambling Helpline and a network of locally-based providers across Great Britain that works with partner agencies and people with lived experience to design and deliver a system, which meets the needs of individuals. This system delivers a range of treatment services, including brief intervention, counselling (delivered either face-to-face or online), residential programmes and psychiatrist led care.
  • GambleAware is a commissioner of independent evidence-informed prevention and treatment services in partnership with expert organisations and agencies across Great Britain, with over £56 million of funding under active management.
  • In April 2021 GambleAware published a new five-year strategy which defined the charity’s vision of a society where people are safe from gambling harms. This vision is based on a whole-system approach, which acknowledges the many other organisations, networks and individuals, including those who have lived experience of gambling harms, that already play a key role across the system, or have the potential to do so in the future. Alongside this, GambleAware outlined its four key strategic priorities and four commissioning objectives which will help guide the charity as it strives to achieve its vision.

The press release can also be downloaded in full here.