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Cover for "Brief Intervention Guide"

Brief Intervention Guide

This Guide is aimed at professionals who are non-specialists in the treatment of problem gambling, but who work with potentially vulnerable groups. It provides an overview of brief intervention for gambling-related harm. It offers practical tips on identifying a problem, how to talk to someone about their gambling, offering immediate brief support and when to signpost to specialist services.
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Cover of the "Report Review Guidelines"

Report Review Guidelines

This document sets out GambleAware’s report reviewing process, which includes timescales, the roles and responsibilities of each reviewer and specific guidelines for the External Peer Reviewer.
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Cover of the "Evaluation Protocol"

Evaluation Protocol

Evaluation protocol
The purpose of this protocol is to ensure we have a robust framework for evaluation which builds the evidence base to inform future projects and programmes.
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Logo for "The Gambling Health Alliance"

The Gambling Health Alliance

GambleAware has commissioned The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) to form a Gambling Health Alliance and to provide it's secretariat. Visit the Gambling Health Alliance webpage, where you can access information about the campaigns led by the Alliance and how to become a member.
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Cover of "A blueprint for bank card gambling blockers"

A blueprint for bank card gambling blockers

The University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC), in partnership with GambleAware, has launched Money and Gambling: Practice, Insight, Evidence (MAGPIE). This project explores the effectiveness of current gambling spending blocks on debit and credit cards, and what a ‘model’ spending blocker might look like from the perspective of those affected by gambling harms.
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