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Research & Evaluation Committee

All research activity is wholly the responsibility of GambleAware's Research & Evaluation Committee.

About the Research and Evaluation Committee

GambleAware understands the need to generate widespread trust and credibility in the charity's independence and integrity, particularly in view of the investment of both fundraising and commissioning functions in a single, industry-funded body. This is especially so in relation to the commissioning of research.

All research activity is wholly the responsibility of its Research & Evaluation Committee. This arrangement ensures that those trustees who may have a direct interest in any research outcomes are entirely excluded from directing or otherwise influencing any research activity that GambleAware undertakes to commission. The terms of reference for the Research & Evaluation Committee can be found here. Meeting minutes can be found here.

The Research & Evaluation Committee consists of:

  • Professor Anthony Kessel (Chair)
  • Kate Lampard
  • Professor Marcantonio Spada

There are additional observers at the Research & Evaluation Committee meetings representing ABSG, the Gambling Commission and the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

GambleAware will establish and grow a directory of experts to be used across the business. A flexible approach to tailor the use of experts to the needs of specific programmes and draw on a wide range of expertise will be used. The relevant experts will be identified, with a specific scope of work and lifespan, as required by a programme. Longer standing ‘panels’ may also be established for longer term programmes of work and experts can be invited to report to and attend committee meetings, as necessary.

All research outputs will be published by GambleAware following a rigorous and entirely independent peer-review process undertaken by a panel of independent experts.

Research and Evaluation Committee Minutes

Research & Evaluation Committee minutes - 3 September 2020 - to be published when approved at the subsequent Committee meeting.

The Committee meeting held on 10 June 2020 was an internal meeting and notes will not be made available.

Research & Evaluation Committee minutes 29 May 2020

Research & Evaluation Committee minutes 17 February 2020

Research & Evaluation Committee minutes 26 November 2019

The Committee meetings held on 29 November 2018 and 17 July 2019 were internal meetings and notes from the meeting will not be made available.

Research & Evaluation Committee minutes 2018

Research & Evaluation Committee minutes 2017

Research Committee minutes 2016