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Analysis of Bank Transactional Data: Feasibility Study

Behavioural Insights Team

The Research

As more banks offer tools to support customers to manage their gambling behaviours, this project seeks to understand how patterns of gambling transactions by customers relate to wider financial behaviour, in relation to income, expenditure, use of overdrafts and use of blocking facilities.

This project forms part of an overall programme of research that seeks to better understand ‘real world’ gambling behaviours. Banks are increasingly taking actions to support customers with managing their money, and the capability to recognise signs of gambling harms via analysis of customer data could provide another route for identifying those in need of support.

Little is known about the use of new facilities such as gambling transaction blockers offered by banks, so this research will involve analysis of two customer datasets, one from a high street bank and the other from a challenger bank, to explore what may be learned from transaction level account data. The research will seek to understand more about the ways in which different customers gamble, how they interact with gambling products and the extent to which blocking facilities are being used and why, and by which customer groups.


Quantitative statistical analysis will be conducted on two large samples of customer banking data to identify patterns of behaviour, trends in spending and correlations with other personal finance variables.

Project lead
Dr Simon McNair & Aisling Ní Chonaire, The Behavioural Insights Team
Summer 2019 – Summer 2020