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Tips & Tools to help you think twice

Keep Bet Regret in check and think twice before you place a bet.
Here are some tips to help you think twice:

Take a time out

Think Twice and go bet-free for a period of time. You can set a Time-Out period of hours, days or weeks through most online gambling accounts.

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Pause before you place it

Pausing can help us make better decisions. Wait five seconds before pressing that 'Bet now' button. Count to ten or say the bet out loud and focus on how much you could lose, before you commit.

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Balance gambling with other activities

It's important that gambling isn't your only pastime. Try to plan hobbies and activities to help fill free periods. When you're busy you're less likely to make a bet you know you shouldn't.

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Setting limits

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Set a money limit in advance

Before you start betting set yourself a cash cap and think twice about how much you�re willing to bet. You can set yourself daily or weekly limits. Many sites allow you to pre-set a maximum amount for deposits, stakes and losses over a given time period.

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Set a time limit

Why not set yourself limits on the times you bet? Plan a distraction for those moments when you�re not betting and stay clear of Bet Regret. Many betting and gambling providers allow you to set up notifications to help you manage your time. Or just set an alarm on your phone.

What else is important?

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose

Bet within your weekly entertainment budget, not with your phone bill or rent budget.

Decide how much you�re happy to spend

Instead of thinking about each bet individually, check how much you have spent on betting in the past six months. Simply check your betting history on your betting app.